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'Dreamscape' is the track that gave the album its name - it is the defining track in the album... A journey into an alternate musical universe full of magical notes.


When you purchase 'Dreamscape' by AyşeDeniz - Sheet Music (PDF) you will be able to download the sheet music in the form of a 2 page pdf either from your order confirmation page or from the email we will send you. 


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On 2 October 2020, pianist and composer Aysedeniz Gokcin released her much-awaited album of new compositions. 


At the beginning of the pandemic, Aysedeniz fled to her parents’ home to be amongst family and friends to see out the crisis. During the first weeks of March, Aysedeniz took to Facebook to bring joy through music to her followers every day, giving 24 consecutive concerts live from her home, which she started by applauding all healthcare workers. Her audience included NHS nurses, Italian doctors, American hospitality workers, Turkish of