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Kawai Pianos

AyseDeniz is an internationally renowned pianist whose passion for music has taken her around the world. She has performed in venues both big and small, and her repertoire ranges from classical to rock.

What makes AyseDeniz unique is her partnership with Kawai, a leading piano manufacturer. As an official Kawai Artist, they send pianos to her performances, studio, music videos and recordings. This special relationship ensures that AyseDeniz always has an instrument that has been fine-tuned to her playing style and desired sound.

JVB_8880 kawai press.JPG

Henle Verlag Publishers

AyseDeniz is an experienced classical concert pianist. She started playing the piano at the age of 5.5 and performing classical repertoire using Urtext editions: the most academically correct editions by the prestigious German publisher Henle Verlag.  Through her instagram, AyseDeniz aims to share her knowledge and love for classical music with her audience and help promote their new app.

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