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Press & Audience Reactions

“She's amazing!” – Classic FM


"“Territorial Pissings”, actually a two-and-a-half-minute Old-School-Punk-Number, is a great reinterpretation with partly high-pitched breakbeats, that increases and increases until a kind of Chopin-Electropunk comes out of it.”

– Der Tagesspegiel

"Bold, personal and masterly." - Prof. Bryce Morrison, Royal Academy of Music

“Extraordinary, unconventional, interactive and fun.” - The Cross Eyed Pianist


“Pieced together by elegant, walking piano melodies and a jazzy, electronic backdrop, Gokcin adds a modern flavour to two of Nirvana’s grunge classics”

– Fortitude Magazine


“The end results entail imaginative performances of Pink Floyd favorites”

– Ultimate Classic Rock


“Once again AyseDeniz fuses classic rock with classical via a dramatic and gripping performance" – Rafe Offer, Co-Founder of Sofar Sounds


“I look forward to hearing and seeing this innovative mish mash of styles, cutting through contemporary culture" – Paul Heard, M People

Audience Reactions

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