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How can I grow my social media?

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

If you are a musician and want to grow your social media, first ask yourself: "Why should someone listen to me? Why should they care?". You might feel like you’re playing great but nobody is looking at your videos. There’s always a reason for this (even if you are playing amazingly well).

Here are some tips:

- Tell a story.

- Consistently create content that is of good quality (not just your playing but the audio and video quality also are important).

- Be close to the camera.

- Analyse what others who have many followers are doing, and which values or messages they are giving. There are so many reasons why people are popular, and you should not imitate them. But it is important to be able to analyse and notice some common trends, and perhaps create some disruption and lead your own movement!

- Include the audience in your conversation, because they matter! They also want to be heard and you can create a platform for them to share their emotions and experiences through your account.

- Overcome your personal fears and insecurities that forbid you to showcase what you care about and who you are.

- Be honest and don’t be fake. This doesn't mean don't try new things - but do something that you genuinely enjoy!

- Don’t waste people’s screen-time, create meaningful content unique to you.

- If you have a specific style, emphasise it.

- Experiment with different posts to see what gets more views, and do more of that.

- There are many music platforms that look for interesting content to share - and they can repost your videos if they’re interesting. They will contact you if they find your content interesting. You can also message them but it almost never works that way unless you want to pay.

- Never buy followers: you want a natural growth, not some random temporary people or bots.

- Keep up with technology and be on multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube...)

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