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Past public projects:

Jingle Bells Upside Down 

Jingle bells cover vertical IG.png

The Most Fitting "Jingle Bells" You Will Hear This Year!

2020 was a sad year for most of us, so I made an arrangement of Jingle Bells Upside Down which starts with the theme but it is in minor (sad) and is inverted (upside down). Slowly as the new year (2021) approaches we are filled with new hopes so the music becomes joyful in its original melody and harmony, representing our dreams for a future full of positivity! You can stream it here



Hey Jude Stay Home Video

hey world photo.png

Hey Jude Turns Into a Call to Stay Safe!

Hey World music video in collaboration with fans around the globe who sent AyseDeniz their videos singing Hey Jude by The Beatles that she arranged for the time of Coronavirus Pandemic, reminding us to support one-another during this crisis and to stay home until it is safe to go out.


"This track is from my album Hey World, comprising music requests I got during the 24 Quarantine Home Concerts I gave in March 2020 on Facebook to cheer people up.


One of these requests was Hey Jude, and I decided to do a collaborative home video to remind people we are all in this together, and let's not be afraid.


My live Quarantine Piano Concerts reached many people from all around the world (around 70K per live video), including nurses from Italy to NHS doctors in UK, teachers in USA, young piano fans from Turkey and many different nationalities - Indian, French, Brazilian, Mexican, American, Canadian, Portuguese... it was a truly international group. After the first few concerts, I made it a tradition to start my streams by thanking the healthcare workers and applauding for them along with the audience members online.



- AyseDeniz

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