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Release Date:

June 2, 2023



Patterns Album is entirely composed of AyseDeniz's original works. This is her first recording with an orchestra, making it a milestone in her career. She combines her melodic musical style with traditional orchestral elements, creating a Neo-romantic, piano centred album.


As a concert pianist, I've always dreamed of composing for a live orchestra and playing alongside them my own music. Many of these compositions echo my classical roots, being notably pianistic. Yet, they are also infused with the inspiration drawn from myriad film scenes, each written as though narrating a story or crafting a unique experience for listener.

I devoted over a year to this album. I began working on it after relocating to LA during the height of the pandemic, uncertain of what the future held. Creating this album was a journey of emotional exploration, allowing feelings to evolve and crystallize into music over time. The dream of writing for an orchestra and piano was always there, but actual composition proved challenging. There were moments of intense productivity, punctuated by periods of silent contemplation—a typical creative's life. Inspiration, after all, is unpredictable; it either strikes or it doesn't.

The concept behind the 'Patterns' album revolves around layering notes akin to weaving fabric. Imagine each thread as a note, and when seen through a macro lens, these threads interlace to form patterns of recurring and evolving emotions.

Each track starts with a simple idea, but by the end, it blossoms into a new perspective and understanding of the initial concept. Much like our personal evolutions over time, these pieces mirror the dynamic nature of character development.

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