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Nirvana Classical & Nirvana Project

Release Date:

November 1, 2015



At the age of 27, the same age as Nirvana’s front man when he ended his life, AyseDeniz dedicated this project to Kurt Cobain to celebrate his legacy through virtuosic grunge.

Always seeking new ideas, she pulled inspiration from the lyrics and motifs of Nirvana’s music to create her own adaptations. Also a composer, as well as a pianist, she made the tracks her own, connecting rock and grunge with classical music, in an authentic, intimate and nostalgic way.

Beware: The tracks in the album are not conventional covers and they do not sound exactly the same as the originals. AyseDeniz uses "thematic transformation" (a technique used by composers like Liszt, Berlioz or John Williams) to bring the motifs and themes from the original songs in parts, and develop them throughout the pieces, creating a level of suspense and a developing storyline, without giving away the whole melody too soon. Come As You Are and Smells Like Teen Spirit are examples of this.

AyseDeniz also references classical pieces such as Frédéric Chopin's Funeral March in Something In The Way. She sings the back vocals herself, making the album a more intimate musical experience.

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