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Release Date:

October 2, 2020



Dreamscape = Dreams to Escape Reality 

All tracks are in the style of film-scores…

The idea of this should be to take the audience into a journey of dreams where magic happens - whether it is inspiring others or thinking about the past and having hope. Most of the tracks were composed under quarantine, imagining another world of freedom and optimism.

“Send me a letter” is a call to communicate through one of the more intimate and forgotten mediums – sending letters to bring back the lost art of human connection. One can think of this track as a musical letter full of caring and nostalgic connotations. AyseDeniz says “when people visit a magical place they would send a postcard to the person dearest to them. I want my listeners and fans to bring back that tradition and send this musical letter to their loved ones when they enter my Dreamscape Universe.” 

“Sing me a lullaby”  is a wordless lullaby for adults. It represents the ceremonial aspect of going to sleep, with a parent of a loved one being beside us.

“Forest of Forgotten Wishes” is a tribute to all those who we have forgotten or lost in the pandemic – the homeless, the vulnerable, the lonely. Those who need support and community are honoured in this piece, where they are represented by each tree in a huge green forest. An orphaned boy sings their story to us.

“Write my name on mountains” is an emotionally charged, romantic story exploring the meaning of love, and talking about our expectations from our lovers.

“Wonders of Venice” represents the magical sparkling waters of Venice with gondolas swinging under the sunrise...Reflections brings images of the universe and the galaxies to our mind, representing ultimately a much greater perspective than what we can imagine. Cycle is inspired by ocean waves that are cyclical just like life. It is in the style of Hans Zimmer's “Time".

“Stairs of Dreams” is symphonic and it represents stairs going up the sky into the clouds.

“Motus” is about the calm before a magical storm, inspired by Harry Potter's soundtrack by John Williams.

Track listing: 
1. Born to Survive
2. Prologue of Promises
3. Epic (Please change the name to: Forest of Forgotten Wishes
4. Venice (Please change the name to: Wonders of Venice)
5. Stairs of Dreams (Symphonic)
6. Motus (Symphonic)
7. Dreamscape
8. Send Me A Letter
9. Reflections
10. Okyanus
11. Write My Name On Mountains
12. Sing Me a Lullaby “Ninni”
13. Dusk
14. Epilogue 

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