Pink Floyd Classical Concept

Pink Floyd Classical Concept Show

Pink Floyd Classical Concept premiered in Argentina in December 2013.


It is a solo classical piano concert with atmospheric sound effects by Kevin Bryce, made from the actual recordings of the piano manipulated by the computer.

AyseDeniz's classical arrangements of the 10 Pink Floyd songs chosen by her fans online and made into a full album are mostly inspired by Franz Liszt. Her tribute fantasy "Pink Floyd Lisztified: Fantasia Quasi Sonata" includes the group's most well known songs: Hey You, Wish You Were Here and Another Brick in the Wall. 

Some of the other tracks from the album are inspired by Bach, Tchaikovsky and Chopin and include small hints to their musical motives.

The show has toured the world including Ecuador, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, UK and Bulgaria.

Pink Floyd Classical Concept Reviews

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The Pink Floyd official Facebook page shared AyseDeniz’s rearrangements of three the band’s tracks, making for an “unlikely hit” and a “new approach that has captured” classical and rock audiences alike. AyseDeniz’s innovative approach to covering Pink Floyd’s songs made the pianist an online sensation and standing as testament to her unique imagination and talent. 

The social platform Brain Damage reviewed the UK premiere of AyseDeniz’s Pink Floyd Classical Concept in the London church St James’s Sussex Gardens. The evening in the packed venue was characterised by a varied audience, ranging from classical music enthusiasts, possibly exposed to the music of Pink Floyd for the first time, to Pink Floyd fans, who were able to enjoy some dramatically different interpretations to what they are accustomed to.

Brain Damage praised AyseDeniz’s performance for bringing innovation and originality to the classical world by at times reaching into the grand piano to pluck strings or create unusual effects by using a broken record or a wooden spoon. All the elements added up to a hugely successful performance in a wonderfully atmospheric venue- the high ceilings, pillars and pews all gave the music a resonance and mood to make for a memorable evening. 

Classic FM describes AyseDeniz’s Lisztian rendition of the works of Pink Floyd as a “sensation” and an “unlikely hit.” BBC highlights the overwhelming support AyseDeniz has received from musicians and fans from around the world- “and none other than Pink Floyd itself.” 

Poche Storie reviewed AyseDeniz’s concert on the main stage of GAM Pianocity, defining the performance an enchanting experience that gifted the audience with completely new versions of the Pink Floyd classic repertoire. The Italian newspaper praised AyseDeniz’s use of tools such as wooden spoons and broken vinyl disks to create unique sounds and make the tracks recognizable despite their reinterpretation.